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About Axial Angles

Axial Angles Technical and Engineering Services is an Omani company with 100 % Omani Ownership. We consistently deliver growth and high quality services through advanced technology, expert skills, and steadfast commitment. We treat every client in a professional manner & and anticipate their needs. We endeavor towards excellence in construction quality, safety, performance. We have served the sectors of Electrical in Sultanate of Oman.

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Integrated Service Delivery

We can provide our services either on a standalone basis or in an integrated manner, working in partnership with operators and service providers. This approach allows us to offer tailored solutions to meet specific client needs, ensuring the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

DCRP-Approved Electrical Contractor

As a DCRP-approved electrical contractor in Oman, we provide electrical installations and maintenance services to distribution companies such as Mazoon Electricity Company and Majan Electricity Company. Our services include the construction of substation and overhead lines, low tension lines extensions, and electrical wiring for multi-story buildings.

Comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Services

AXIAL ANGLES offers a wide range of operations and maintenance services to different industry sectors in Oman. With extensive knowledge and expertise, we plan and execute activities using best practices developed from years of experience.

Our Mission

To develop Electrical sector in Oman safely, efficiently and responsibly in order to maximize the value of Oman.

Our Vision

To maximize the potential of our assets and pursue new opportunities while building on our successful record of accomplishment.